Omnific Creativity

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Although TJ Walkup’s main vocation is media production, he maintains a creative existence.

Here are some links and information about TJ’s current creative endeavors:

Painting, Illustration, and Cartooning

TJ works out of his studio space at the Coal Shed Studios, an artist’s collective workspace on the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, on the Mare Island Strait in Vallejo, CA.

Coal Shed Studios



Experimental Electronic Music

Moth Man Terranaut Lib, Experimental Electronic Music

Former lead guitarist of Flat Kat Road Kill and The Painted iD, TJ Walkup, has resurrected as the Moth Man, producing everything from soundscapes to tickle the iD to future classikal electronica.  Enjoy!


Destined 4 the Dumpster

Art Noise

A partnership with Seth Kaos.

D4D uses discarded electronic equipment, radios, toys, and musical instruments to create live art noise compositions.  After being used in the noise pieces, the equipment is repaired and sold to raise money for kids music programs.


Curated Event Production

All Ages Music and Arts Events

including Mocktoberfest, a punk and edge arts micro-festival to raise money for kids music education.

TJ Walkup Presents


Internet Radio Podcasts

Shadow Casters

A pop-up radio interview program.


Shadow Casters brings you “Vallejo’s Sweethearts”.  This short radio program interviews several Vallejo couples and was recorded on location at the first monthly Vallejo Art Walk on Valentine’s Day.

Two of Vallejo's Sweethearts, Jeanette and Goodie

Two of Vallejo’s Sweethearts, Jeanette and Goodie have been together for 62 years.