City of Vallejo – Participatory Budgeting

Produced by TJ Walkup and Omnific Pictures. This piece was produced to promote the Arts, Beautification, Community, and Development (ABC) Participatory Budgeting (PB) initiative.

The ABC initiative was passed in November 2014 by Vallejo voters, designating $96,000 for public art and neighborhood projects and setting down roots for additional matching grants.

Mark Martin Household Saints


This vignette on Fine Artist Mark Martin highlights his one man show “Household Saints,” where Mexican revolutionaries are celebrated in technicolor.   This piece was  produced, shot, directed, and edited by TJ Walkup of Omnific Pictures.

Playworks “Most Valuable Principal” Award

We are beyond proud to have worked with the Playworks team to produce compelling media content that supports child advocacy projects.  Playworks, a national non-profit, implements recess programs to improve behavioral and physical health for underserved youth.

Produced, shot, and edited by TJ Walkup of Omnific Pictures.

Please scroll down in this Portfolio section to view other completed Playworks videos from previous years.

Playworks “Rookie of the Year”

TJ Walkup of Omnific Pictures produced, shot, and edited this piece for Playworks, a national non-profit organization that provides recess programs for underserved youth. The video was shown at an awards ceremony to honor Playworks’ “Rookie of the Year.”

Magik*Magik Orchestra

Omnific Pictures has had the great pleasure to work with Minna Choi’s Magik Magik Orchestra, a made-to-order custom orchestra for artists and creatives.

TJ and Christina Walkup shot this promotional video to promote the unique experiences which were raffled at Magik’s 5 year anniversary party on January 31, 2014 at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA.  The concert benefitted Magik for Kids, which provides unique, fun, hands-on programs to young children to learn more about symphonic and orchestral music.

nSLASHa: Alive

A short promotional piece for nSLASHa, with footage from live performances including Mocktoberfest.

Photo credit:  TJ Walkup and Faye Carnell.  Edited by TJ Walkup and Paul MacLachlan.

City Hope

Omnific Pictures partnered with City Hope in San Francisco to create a short form documentary highlighting their social outreach programs and community volunteer projects.

The video was screened at a City Hope gala event to engage and inform the public, as well as recruit additional City Church of San Francisco donors and volunteers.

Shot and edited by TJ Walkup of Omnific Pictures.