Robby Poblete Film

Robby Poblete Film

May 2018



Omnific Pictures’ upcoming film (yet to be titled) discusses loss from gun violence from an intensely personal perspective.  Robby Poblete, a spirited young man whose love and grace impacted many lives, lost his life at just 23 years old when he was shot and killed in Vallejo, CA, just blocks from our family home.

Pati lets us get to know who Robby was through personal stories and family photos.  She walks us through the first moments when she was told the tragic fate of her first child and only son.  The film also features an interview with the first news photographer on the scene, a long-time friend of the Poblete family who knew Robby as a boy.

Pati started The Robby Poblete Foundation ( which has been an avenue for dealing with her loss and has unleashed hope and transformation among the darkness.  The foundation has three areas of focus.  Firstly, it hosts community gun buy back programs to assist in preventing unwanted firearms from falling into the hands of criminals.  Secondly, the foundation offers vocational education opportunities in skilled trades for those who may not want to or are unable to pursue a traditional college education.  Thirdly, the firearms collected are dismantled and the gun parts are given to artists to create works of art.

Pati has done an incredible job of uniting a community around such a serious and endemic issue that so many families and communities are experiencing.  She manages to bring light and beauty with her Foundation’s mission.  We are incredibly proud to bring her story to you.