TJ Walkup

On the set of a band promotion video at the historic Empress Theatre.

On the set of a band promotion video at the historic Empress Theatre.

TJ Walkup  Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

With over 23 years in the television business, TJ is recognized in the industry as a trusted expert.  In 2012 TJ earned a CINE Golden Eagle Award for his work as Producer on Discovery Network’s hit TV show Addicted, Season 2.  TJ navigates the complex technical aspects of camera, lighting, sound, and editing, treating each important component with equal, careful regard.

His experience includes television series, commercials, full length movies, documentaries, in depth news, interviews, and live theatre.  TJ has also worked small independent events, corporate events, large live concerts, and red carpet affairs.  TJ always approaches his work with professionalism, technical expertise, and humor.

TJ with JT (Jason Tongen), co-Producers on Discovery's Addicted.

TJ with JT (Jason Tongen), co-Producers on Discovery’s Addicted.

TJ was educated at the LACC Theatre Academy as well as the Cogswell Polytechnical College and studied Television Production in Napa.  He has consulted for and worked with Fortune 100 and non-profit companies, and has shot documentaries nationally and internationally.

Shooting a commercial.

Shooting a commercial.

TJ acknowledges video production as a dynamic story-telling art form.  His broad range of artistic talents (award-winning cartoonist, published book illustrator, avid painter, musician, and event producer) aid the creative process of crafting moving images with lighting and sound.  In 2013, TJ produced Mocktoberfest, a 4-day music and arts festival to benefit youth music education in Vallejo, CA.  To read more about TJ’s other creative endeavors, click here.

Somehow, TJ still manages to find time to look for fairies with his young toddler in the backyard.